Benefits of Translation Services for the Gaming Sector

Benefits of Translation Services for the Gaming Sector

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Games, Published On
December 29, 2022

Gaming nowadays is an extremely popular form of entertainment, not just in the US but around the world.  There are billions of people young and old coming from different backgrounds who enjoy playing games on a daily basis. The experts predict that the industry is yet to reach its true potential and its revenue will grow year by year. And as the industry grows worldwide, it will see rapid growth even in new languages too.

As we consider such a large global audience, it puts an extra layer of responsibility on the game developers. If they want their business to succeed in the international market, they must make efforts to satisfy the needs of as many gamers as possible. What does this mean? They must get their games available in various languages that people around the world speak. Working with a linguistic service agency like CCJK will ensure that your games are accessible to worldwide users in their native languages.

Providing Language Support to your users

If we talk about online gaming, there are primarily two ways one can use translation or localization. The first option is to take this approach right from the beginning which makes your game readily available in several languages. This removes all the obstacles that a user might face due to language barriers. Because now they can simply download the game and select the language they feel comfortable playing in. However, there is also another way around it. You can include an in-game option to give your users the language support they may need. As a result, gamers can instantly switch the game’s language without having to restart it or do anything else.

This way, by providing language support to your users, you demonstrate your commitment to making it accessible around the world. This also indicates that you are interested to put your hard-earned money into the game as well as its community. And what could be a better way than to partner with a video game translation agency and make it available in as many languages and markets as you can?

How can the Gaming Industry Benefit from a Translation Service?

Translation Services

As you look to hire a translation agency, it’s important that you understand what specific benefits you will achieve for your gaming business.

Gain a Wider International appeal

In fact, this is the most obvious benefit that one can achieve when they hire a professional translation service. You will now have a business appeal that goes borderless.

Do you know there are around 3.09 billion gamers in the world? Do they all speak the same language? No. As they speak languages that vary quite a lot, how will they understand your game? You need to make sure your game is available in the native language of users. Because if your game is in English, which is spoken around the world, still you will be missing out on a huge number of users who don’t speak English. Therefore, a translation agency will help you target those users as well. They will make your game available in many languages. Once the translation is complete, they will even provide you with DTP services to make sure your translations work with the game design. So, your users will get a complete package in their mother tongue.

But, why can’t I use Google Translate or any computer-assisted tool for this purpose? While you may ask this question, there is one thing you may not know precisely about these tools. They mostly convey only the gist of the meaning. There may be accurate translations here and there, but the translation produced will be plain wrong in many paragraphs and sections. You can’t rely on them even for displaying short marketing messages. A small error can ruin your whole advertisement campaign and damage your reputation. And the way to reduce such mistakes is by choosing appropriate marketing translation services for your gaming business.

Increase your Company Revenue

The gaming market is huge and if you limit yourself to only a small portion of it, it would be nothing but unwise. Why settle for less when you can reach a much larger market with the help of a linguistic partner?

With multilingual advertising translation services, your in-game purchase options will go up. As more users become acquainted with your game, the likelihood of generating revenue for your company increases. If your in-game marketing or entire business is not localized, there’s no doubt you’re wasting a huge opportunity to boost your company’s revenue.

Your Games Rank higher

The key to making your game successful is by making it visible to potential users. This involves optimizing your game for in-app stores and search engines.

As you might know, in-app stores and search engines will rank you higher when you choose keywords properly. All the necessary keywords should be present in the title and description of the game so they can appear in the search results. By partnering with a language service provider, you can ensure that all the right keywords your game uses are available for other target markets as well. You can not only have a translated game but it will be ranking well online and in the in-app stores. Which means greater visibility for your game(s).

Final remarks

The gaming industry, no doubt, is on the rise. It will cross over $200 billion in revenue by 2023, as the studies show. So, if you want to generate the maximum business, make sure your games are available for a broader audience that lives around the world. When you have a product that speaks the same language as users, they will find it easy to work with. Therefore, it’s imperative that you work with a reputable translation company. In most cases, they will have certified, trained translators who can help you enter any new marketplaces and achieve success. So, why not give it a shot?

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