Dell D2719HGF Monitor: A Comprehensive Review

Dell D2719HGF Monitor: A Comprehensive Review

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March 21, 2023
Last modified on March 23rd, 2023

Whether you are a professional gamer or a hobbyist gamer, you’d want to have a monitor that won’t be high on your pocket and can provide an ultimate gaming experience. There are many monitors out there, but very few are light on your pockets, and Dell D2719HGF is one of them. 

Dell D2719HGF is a 27” budget-friendly gaming monitor. It is full HD, with a TN panel, and has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz and a dimension of 1920 x 1080 resolution.

With sleek and minimal design, it has great aesthetics, but it does lack in some qualities like color depth (6-bit) and low density (81 PPI). Before you hop on your shopping apps to purchase this, here’s a review of the product for your better understanding. 

Dell D2719HGF Monitor: A Comprehensive Review

Dell D2719HGF Monitor design and features

1. Monitor Design Product Review

The gaming monitor comes with a dimension of 24.15 inches X 17.35 inches X 7.74 inches and has a screen size of 27 inches, with a sleek, simple, and minimal design. The weight is 12.5 lbs (5.67 kg).

It has a standard height but does not come with an extra stand, so you can use a third-party stand or wall mount it easily. Its capability is only limited to vertical tilting. The feature that it lacks is that you won’t be able to adjust the height or rotate it.

2. Build Quality

It has a good built quality, has a matte finish, and a sturdy grip with a good plastic quality that gives it a feel of a pricey product. The minimalistic look of this product only adds to that feeling. 

3. Connectivity Options

There are many connectivity options. At the bottom, there are 6 OSD buttons that will help you to navigate the OSD menu. The model doesn’t come with a joystick, and the buttons are the only option to navigate through the menus.

The OSD menu is user-friendly and easy to access. It comes with a display of 1.2X1 and HDMI of 2.0X1. For increased connectivity, there are also USB 2.0 ports and a headphone jack of 3.5 mm.  

4. Additional features

The monitor comes with built-in speakers, but for the gaming experience, they aren’t loud enough. If you want to have a better experience, you can add your own third-party speakers. However, they are decent enough for a good gameplay experience. It also comes with freesync which you can upgrade to an unofficial G sync manually, depending on your preferences. It comes with 1 displayport 1.2 which you might need to use if you want to adapt to the full sync.

Performance review of Dell D2719HGF 27-inch full-screen HD monitor

Dell D2719HGF Monitor performance

Because of TN panels, the color accuracy is okay-ish, which is usually common with TN panels. The color and pixel quality is low because of having a low density of 81 pixels per inch, as a result the image quality of this item may not be as great.

It has a low contrast ratio of 1000:1 and its colors seem washed out at the edges, but keeping the budget in mind, it’s quite decent for good gameplay. 

The brightness quality of this monitor is 400 nits, which is way better than other gaming pc of a similar price range. If it’s high for you or can give you eye strain, you can always tame it down a little. 

The viewing angles of this monitor are 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degree vertical. So if you are facing the monitors directly, you won’t notice the color bleed. But with a side view, you might notice black or green spots at the edges.

As for the actual gaming experience, it has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 2 milliseconds which is quite impressive, so you will have a smooth and trouble-free gaming experience. Because of having an input lag of 9ms, you can use it for competitive gaming as well, and it won’t give you any issues. 

This monitor does not support features like Black boost or Aim point, it does support Free Sync refresh rate technology. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good gaming experience. It comes with an anti-glare coating that can help you with focusing on your game by eliminating reflections.

Ratings and reviews

Dell d2719hgf 27-inch full HD monitors have a rating of 4 stars and have a mixed critical review, ranging from positive to negative, but overall people are having a good gaming experience. It is the best value product in this low price range.

While many disagree, most of the customers who purchased this item, they had either liked it or said it worked fine, and some even loved having it at this price range.

You can shop for this product on various platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many more e-commerce sites. 


If you are switching from 60 Hz to 144 Hz, you will feel like entering a brand-new dimension because it has very great features and a very great gaming experience. The price range of the laptop varies from $180 to $250, so it is very budget friendly in your pockets, so having this version of this gaming pc as a new monitor in your gaming studio will be worth a buy.

As for it height, it sits very low, so it can be a floor model or you you can mount it on the wall. Compared to other gaming monitors of the same price, the screen size of those is usually between 22” to 24”, so within this price range, Dell D2719HGF is already winning by having a screen of 27”, giving you a visually great experience. 

Its response rate of 2 milliseconds might not be the best for many gamers out there, but for many, it can provide a good gaming experience, as having a 2-millisecond response rate is quite great for a monitor of this price.

The Free Sync starts at 40 Hz to 144 Hz, which is not common in even more expensive monitors, so it is a pretty good feature of this budget-friendly gaming monitor. 

While the OSD menu comes with basic setting options like changing color and brightness unlike many advanced features provided in other gaming monitors, it is quite decent and user-friendly.

If you want advanced features this might not be the monitor for you, but it does have all the basic features and options. So overall this monitor can be a good purchase for a decent rather a great gaming experience at the cost of $180 to $250.

To sum it up, it is not only budget-friendly but also has some quite amazing features compared to its price. So for a beginner gamer, or who loves gaming as a hobby and can spend hours in it, or who wants to have a great gaming experience while saving dimes of money, the Dell D2719HGF gaming monitor is definitely the one to choose.


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