Google Pixel 7 Specs and Release Date

Google Pixel 7 Specs and Release Date

Written by Mohit Rajora, In Smartphone, Published On
September 25, 2022

When it comes to tech and electronic gadgets, we all are in the favour of Google. There’s a 99% chance that you are reading this article on google. See? That’s how much hold Google has over our lives. Well, Google enthusiasts, we have amazing news for you. Google has confirmed the release of its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro under the pixel series. In this article, we are going to talk about the specifications of the Google Pixel 7 and also you’ll get to know about its release date.

Google Pixel 7 Specifications

We understand that it is pointless to buy a gadget without knowing its specifications. Especially when it comes to buying mobile phones, normally people use a mobile phone for 3 years on average. For such a long time period, it is necessary to make sure that the specifications of the gadget that you buy align with your interests and the functionalities that you need. Let’s see what you’re gonna get with the Google Pixel 7.

1. OS

Let’s talk about the core of the gadget which is its operating system. Since most of the performance depends on the operating system of a gadget. It is important to know what operating system is running the gadget.

For Google Pixel 7, you’ll get to experience the smoothness of Android 13. Android 13 is the ultimate operating system when it comes to customisation and privacy. With Android 13 on your mobile phone, you can customize anything about your phone. Moreover, the languages that the apps will have will prove to be helpful for people who are non-English speakers. Talking about privacy, you’ll love to know that you won’t have to grant permission to your full gallery to apps, you can simply grant access to one or two pictures that the app requires. 

2. Processor

Another feature that is going to govern the performance of your smartphone is the processor that is in the core of the phone. In google pixel 7, you’ll get to experience the power of Google’s own processor – Google Tensor. Google Tensor has the combined power of machine learning and artificial intelligence which just improves the user experience ten folds. Google Tensor is responsible for the power that this smartphone possesses. 

3. Display

Big screen enthusiasts, you must be the most excited for the release of this smartphone because of the display and the screen that you’re gonna get blessed with once you buy the Google Pixel 7. Google Pixel 7 has a display as large as 6.3 inches. For the back display, you’re going to see a very unique and new design on the market. The back of the phone has a horizontal bar that has the cameras and the flashlight giving it a very sleek look. 

Google Pixel 7 Release Date 

Finally, let’s talk about the date when you can expect this phone to launch in the markets. Google has announced that the pre-orders for Google Pixel are going to begin on October 6. One more exciting thing about the launch of this phone is that it is going to be released along with the Pixel Watch by Google. Pre-order from here

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