How Can Telematics Data Improve Freight Transportation

How Can Telematics Data Improve Freight Transportation

Written by Mohit Rajora, In Technology, Published On
July 18, 2023

In logistics, nothing is more important than knowing where you’re going. Having a clear idea of your destination and the best way to get there is critical to ensure freight gets where it needs to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is easy enough when you’re actually behind the wheel, but it’s much more complicated the more trucks you have out on the road. Keeping track of where every shipment is at all times was practically impossible for a long time, but today’s technology is making it possible. Tech professionals working within the transportation and logistics sector would do well to embrace telematics for their fleets. 

Telematics systems work to collect and transmit data about a vehicle’s location, speed and driving behavior throughout its journey. This can provide carriers and shippers with up-to-the-minute details about where a shipment is, the ETA for its destination and even insights into the driver’s behavior. 

It’s easy to see how this can be extremely useful for those shipping or hauling freight. Shippers can keep their customers updated as to when they can expect their shipments and recover stolen assets. Carriers can watch out for unsafe driving, better manage fuel consumption and enhance route planning. The use of these systems can even help with fleet maintenance because they provides insights into the wear and tear vehicles and trailers experience while on the road. 

Adopting telematics in a fleet can have significant benefits for all parties involved in freight transportation. Not only does it provide insights into how soon cargo will arrive, but it also helps carriers manage their equipment and personnel in the most effective manner. The end result is greater efficiency, fewer delays and more effective operations overall. If you want to learn more about how telematics can ensure your business always knows where it is going, take a look at the accompanying resource. 

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