How Does Bluetooth Work

How Does Bluetooth Work

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May 22, 2022
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With each invention or innovation, our demand for more comfort and ease increases. And no one’s to be blamed for this, and it’s a natural human tendency to always expect more. Once telephones were invented, we started expecting an innovation that would let these telephones be portable and hence mobile phones were designed. There was a time when we were so amazed by the invention of earphones, but then soon enough, the tangled wires started irritating us. That is how Bluetooth technology and Wi-fi accessibilities became popular among the youth. For sure Bluetooth devices have made our lives easier by introducing a different level of portability to our devices and their accessories. We are confident that someday you must have wondered about how does Bluetooth work anyway? Let’s try to answer this question in this article.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology standard that is used for exchanging data between devices over short distances using radio waves. Bluetooth can also be used for building personal area networks (PANs). Simply put, consider it as an invisible wire between two devices that you want to connect. Like you connect Bluetooth Headphones with your mobile device.

Until a device is at a considerably near distance to another distance, the two devices can connect and exchange data very easily. Now that we have talked about what Bluetooth is let’s discuss its works.

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How it works

The invention of Bluetooth was a massive change in our lives, and it definitely had a significant impact. Talking about its working, we already know that Bluetooth doesn’t work on wires. After all, that is the whole point of Bluetooth technology, to eliminate the wires. Bluetooth works wirelessly. What it does is, establishes a communication channel between two devices using radio waves. These radio waves have a fixed frequency, and the devices can only communicate with each other if they’re both operating on the same frequency of radio waves. The radio waves have a low frequency. To be precise, they range between 2.400 GHz and 2.483.5 GHz.

The range of Bluetooth

Bluetooth Range

Initially, when Bluetooth was introduced, it was meant for communication between two devices that are within a short distance of each other. But as technology keeps advancing and constantly changing for Bluetooth technology, it is now possible to connect two devices even if they are far apart. The devices can be as far as a kilometer, yet it is possible to connect these two devices using Bluetooth. How is that possible? Well, a lot about the range of Bluetooth depends on the configuration of the devices. Making calculated and intelligent changes to the configuration of the devices can help you to connect devices over large distances as well. If you want to know more about what factors which are responsible for the range of Bluetooth, just keep reading further.

Factors affecting Bluetooth range and connectivity

Although there are a number of factors when we talk in technical terms that have a direct impact on the Bluetooth connectivity and the range factor, we’ll try to keep it simple and list all the crucial ones.

  • Radio spectrum: The effectivity of Bluetooth communication greatly depends on the radio spectrum. That is also the same range of radio waves which are use for the transmission of signals between the devices.
  • Receiver sensitivity: The efficiency of the Bluetooth receiver of the device controls how strong a connection will be establish between the devices.
  • Transmission power: As you may expect, the higher the transmitting signal strength, the longer the range that can be achieve. But increasing the transmission power will also deplete your battery faster.
  • Antenna gain: The changing of the electrical signals from the transmitter into radio waves and back again on the receiving end. This have a significant impact on the range in which you can operate Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Security

Wireless communication; this word scares us a bit, right? It makes us worry about the security issues and whether it is safe for us to connect our devices using this wireless technology. To calm down this fear of vulnerability, the “pairing” feature was introduced in Bluetooth devices.

What is pairing?

Pairing in Bluetooth serves as a security check. Pairing in Bluetooth systems come into existence to make sure that you are connecting the correct devices. What harm does connecting to an incorrect device do? Well, there’s a lot. For instance, the unwanted device that you connected to could belong to a hacker. To save your device from this vulnerability, the feature of Bluetooth pairing was introduced.

You must have noticed that before you connect your device to another device using Bluetooth. It sends an alert on both the devices asking, “Are you sure you want to connect to this device?” That is nothing but the request to pair the devices. By pairing two devices on Bluetooth, you establish trust between the devices. Hence, it make possible to communicate and exchange data safely.

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