How To Clean Tempered Glass of PC? [The Easiest Way]

How To Clean Tempered Glass of PC? [The Easiest Way]

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May 17, 2022
Last modified on May 23rd, 2022

We invest in electrical devices after having given multiple thoughts to the idea of making such a significant investment. Because of the same reason, we are always extra-protective about these electrical devices. After this protective nature of ours, the innovation of tempers proved to be a boon for us.

Tempered glasses on our mobile screens, tablets, watches, and PCs assured us of the device’s safety. However, this tempered glass comes with its drawbacks. One major drawback of tempered glass is it’s difficult to clean it, and when it comes to tempered glass PC, the problem is no way easier.

We don’t want you to struggle with the same problem, and this is why we are here with a quick guide on how you can clean tempered glass PC.

Why is it essential to clean tempered glass?

Ok, wait. Before you discuss how to clean tempered glass PC, let’s first discuss why we are doing it? We know how sensitive a machine can be. Even though your computer might look tough on the outside, the truth is there are specific components that are sensitive. Even a speck of dust or any other foreign substance could cause harm to the element and, ultimately, the whole PC. You need to make sure that the PC is always clean and there is no dust on the surface. By regularly cleaning the tempered glass, you can ensure that no harm is caused to your PC. 

How To Clean Tempered Glass Of  PC?

Now that we know why it is essential to clean tempered glass PC, let us finally move on to the process. Most importantly, let us first see what is required to start cleaning the tempered class.

What you will need to clean the tempered glass of the PC?

Before moving on to the cleaning process, make sure you are ready with your gear. Haha, no need to worry; we are not expecting you to get prepared with some hardcore cleaning machines. These are a few simple easy to find things that you would need:

  • Tempered glass cleaner– You have innumerable choices for this. There are hundreds of glass cleaners in the market specially made for cleaning tempered glass and will serve the purpose the best. You can choose whichever suits you the best.

Tempered glass cleaner To Clean Tempered Glass Of  PC

  • Microfiber Cloth – Most Important! Please do not use just any waste cloth that you find lying around the house. We care for our PC; that is why we are doing this in the first place, and using just any cloth is not going to be the best kind of care for our PC. What’s recommended is to use a microfiber cloth to clean the tempered glass, ensuring no harm is caused to the PC. 

Microfiber To Clean Tempered Glass Of  PC

  • Cotton Swabs – The corners must not feel left out. We must clean the corners too. For that, we are going to need cotton swabs.

Cotton Swabs To Clean Tempered Glass Of  PC

  • Blower Fan – You gotta admit; that nothing tends to a dusty component like a blower fan. To take care of such components of our PC, we’ll need a blower fan.

The process of cleaning PC Tempered Glass

Enough talk about what we need, why we need so on and so forth. Let’s finally talk about how to clean a tempered glass PC. To be honest, there’s no fixed way to clean your PC. Why? Because whatever you’re comfortable with, that is how you should clean your PC. But here are some basic steps:

  1. Analyze the computer: This is important; you need to understand the building of the PC because, in the next step, we are going to disassemble it. Analyze the PC and its various components and what part is supposed to be cleaned to what extent.
  2. Disassemble the PC: Start dismantling the PC’s components and clean each piece thoroughly using the cotton swabs, the microfiber cloth, and the Blower Fan.
  3. Clean the glass: The outside of the PC, the tempered glass is critical to clean and should not be left. Clean the glass using the tempered glass cleanser, taking the microfiber cloth’s aid.
  4. Reassemble the computer: Once you are done with the cleaning, reassemble the computer correctly.


Tempered glass PCs are often intimidating when cleaning them, but it is not complex to clean them. It is more about what you use to clean the PC than how you clean it. If you pay attention to the products and the gear you use to clean tempered glass PC, then we can assure no harm is going to be caused to your PC and that you will be able to clean it nicely.

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