Your Guide on How to Crop an Image on Mac: 3 Methods

Your Guide on How to Crop an Image on Mac: 3 Methods

Written by Mohit Rajora, In Apple, Published On
December 5, 2022
Last modified on January 11th, 2023

When it comes to cropping an image on Mac, users generally think about installing professional apps. Mac comes with numerous native apps that allow you to crop an image in just a few clicks. 

If you are thinking about how to crop an image on Mac using native tools, this article provides you with in-depth information on the steps and procedures. When you know the tips to crop an image, adjusting the aspect ratio and other attributes becomes easier. 

Let’s first learn about the tips to keep in mind before you start cropping an image. Or you can also use an online tool edit image online for free

Tips to Remember

Editing a picture on your Mac is easy, and you can do it without any professional tool. However, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind whether you are using native image cropping apps or a third-party tool. 

How to Crop an Image on Mac

  • Copy Your Image: Making changes to the original image file can make it difficult for you to revert changes later. If you have a copy, you can keep the original intact in case you make a mistake. When copying other artists’ work, take care of the copyright-related guidelines and prevent your work by watermarking photos Mac has. 
  • Prevent Pixel Density: When you crop an image, you focus on the trimming part while neglecting other aspects. Cropping an image can change its pixel density. Before you crop an image, it is good to make adjustments to color, balance, tint, and so on. Doing this beforehand will ensure that the final cropped image looks best. 
  • Complete & then Save: When making changes to an image, start with the small adjustments and then move on to the bigger one. The edits you make, such as cropping or balancing, will only save once you press the Save button. So, ensure that the image you cropped is up to the mark, and then click on Save. 

Let’s now move on to the various ways to crop an image on Mac. 

Crop Pictures in Photos App

Using the Preview apps for cropping images on Mac is perhaps one of the easiest methods. The native app allows access to handy markup tools that you can use to edit and crop your images. Make sure you follow the steps properly.

Launch Preview on your Mac and select the image in the Finder window. Click on the Open button displayed in the bottom right corner of the window. Now select the Markup tool available at the top of the Preview window. 

Next, select the area that you wish to crop by clicking and dragging the cursor. You can also use a trackpad and can drag the pointer to make adjustments. After you select the area, a Crop button will appear. Click the button to complete the process. Close the Preview app.

Crop Pictures in Photos App

Photos app is multifunctional and allows you to edit or crop images like a pro. Launch the Photos app, and select the images you wish to crop. Next, click the Edit option displayed in the top right corner of the window. Now, select Crop. 

Then drag the edges or corners of the Crop frame to adjust them as per your specific requirements. Once the image is cropped and you are happy with the result, click Done. Once you click the Done button, you cannot revert changes. 

The cropped version of the image will be stored in the Photos app. That’s why copying the image to another location or backing up the original file is important. If anything goes wrong, at least you have the original version available to you. 

Crop Pictures Using Pro Apps 

Other than native tools, you can use professional photo editing apps for cropping images if you are looking for an easy answer to how to crop an image on Mac. These tools give access to advanced features and functions. The output that you get from professional editing tools is outstanding. 

These apps make it faster to crop, resize, or compress any image. Some of the professional tools available in the market allow you to add watermarks to turn them into your official work. You can trip any format and upload images to social media easily. 

When downloading these apps on your Mac, make sure to get them from legitimate websites and links. Else, you might end up getting a virus that can further lead to privacy concerns. So keep that in mind before installing a photo editing app on your Mac. 


The article explains different ways you can use to crop images on your computer using native and third-party tools. The benefit of using built-in tools is that you can crop images without spending anything out of pocket. 

Though professional tools offer multiple tools and functions to crop images, they come at a price. You can try the free version to test if the app is compatible with the macOS version installed on your computer.

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