How to Increase Charisma Lost Ark

How to Increase Charisma Lost Ark

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June 15, 2022

There’s no way that you are one for gaming and you haven’t heard of the game PUBG. Not only the regular gamers indulged in playing this game, but even people to whom gaming was a remote activity started playing the game.

Because the game gained quite a popularity among gamers, the Koreans are back with yet another fantastic game for gaming enthusiasts.

Lost Ark is a top-down 2.5D fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game that has become very popular in a very short period of time. It is no secret that as a game gains popularity, the competition increases quite quickly.

To tackle this competition, players often look for strategies and tactics that will help them get an edge over other players. That is exactly what you’re looking for, right? In this article, let’s focus on how you can increase “charisma” in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer

What is Charisma in Lost Ark?

Are you really new to this game? Then the chances are low that you know everything about the game’s terminologies like “Charisma.” If you don’t know what Charisma is, that’s perfectly okay. Before we start discussing what Charisma in Lost Ark is, let’s see what it is. 

Character-based games are all about the powers and behaviors of the character that you choose. So it is very important to make a wise decision about choosing a character to play the game. Moreover, you should be really attentive to the behaviors of your character and try your best to increase their power in whatever ways the game offers to do so. In Lost Ark, these powers/behaviors of a character are called “Virtues.” Every character in the game has four Virtues – Kindness, Wisdom, Courage, and Charisma, the ones in which we are interested. 

Why is Charisma Important?

Not many people are aware of the fact that the Charisma is a really important Virtue in the game. It is a well-known fact that the rewards and missions are crucial elements of a game. Well, in Lost Ark, you need to fulfill certain virtue requirements in order to be able to unlock certain rewards and missions. This is exactly why you need to make sure that the Charisma of your character is increased.

Loat Ark Sorceress

How to Increase Charisma Lost Ark?

Now that we know everything about Charisma and its importance, we can move forward to discuss how you can increase Charisma in this game. There are majorly five ways in which you can do so.

1. Complete Missions

Completing missions is one of the easiest and the most reliable ways of increasing Charisma in Lost Ark. When you complete main quests as well as side quests, you are rewarded with certain mission rewards, and, very often, charism points are offered as those mission rewards. This way, you can easily increase your Charisma.

2. Complete Una’s Tasks

Another way of increasing Charisma in the game is to complete Una’s tasks. In the game, you’ll often be challenged with daily and weekly challenges. Completing them might earn you the extra Charisma you’re looking for.

3. Improve Rapport Rank with NPCs

Improving your Rapport Rank with NPCs can unlock rewards, including Virtue boosts! So make sure to be nice to people and to fulfill their requests. If you are lucky enough, you’d soon be granted a Virtue boost, and you’ll be able to increase your Charisma.

4. Equip Certain Cosmetics

Be extra careful when you’re choosing a fit for your character because there are certain outfit elements that will increase your Charisma significantly. 

5. Consume Virtue Portions

Are you having trouble getting Charisma out of mission rewards? Well, no worries even in that case because you can rather lookout for Virtue Portions which will not increase your Charisma but other Virtues as well. 


We understand that to fully enjoy a game; it is necessary to learn about the strategies and the tactics of that game. Since Charisma is a really important element of Lost Ark, having learned how to increase it, we are positive that you’ll have an even better experience of gaming than before.

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