How to Ship a Graphics Card

How to Ship a Graphics Card

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May 21, 2022

Online business is something that has become very popular since the Covid pandemic happened. With online businesses of all scales-large or small, gaining popularity, one thing that people have been focusing on is the packaging of the materials to be shipped or sent out.

Now, when we talk about packaging, almost every other product to be shipped is very easy to pack and involves the very same basic steps for every product. But it is the fragile items like electronic devices that we are most worried about when it comes to shipping—for instance, graphics cards. Since gaming and editing became popular, the shipping of graphics cards has become a widespread activity to do. If you have come searching for how to ship a graphics card, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why is it important to be careful with a graphics card?

Before we start talking about the proper procedure to follow for shipping a graphics card, let’s see why it is so important to be extra careful with its shipping.

Graphics cards are extremely fragile and sensitive peripherals, and even a tad bit of mishandling can result into causing it severe damage. This is why spare care needs to be given to the packaging details of a graphics card.



Obviously, the most crucial part of the shipping process of a fragile item is its packaging. Although there’s a lot that you can do to ensure safe and secure shipping of the product, here are some basic things that you can do:

Using the original box

It is advised that you use the same box in which you got the graphics card for further shipping it to your customer. This is not applicable for just a graphics card but almost all the products. Using the original box makes sure that the graphics card is inside a container that is designed especially for fitting the card. Not only this, but it also increases the credibility of the product.

Using a separate secondary outer box 

All the reason why we are going into so many details about the packaging is that it is a sensitive item that we are dealing with. Hence it definitely will not be suitable to just cover this box and ship the package. What we suggest is, packing this box inside another bigger box and then sending the package. Using two boxes increases product safety and prevents any damage whatsoever.

Antistatic protection

This might be a little confusing for some due to the technical aspect of it. We’ll try to brief you about antistatic protection and make it easier for you to understand. Electronic components like graphics cards have an electromagnetic field of their own, due to which they are likely to produce electrostatic discharge resulting in causing harm to the product itself. Due to this reason, it is important to pack these graphics cards in such a way that they do not result in electrostatic discharge. You must be wondering now how to do that. That is when antistatic protective materials come into the picture. Certain packaging materials are available in the market that is specifically designed for antistatic protection. When packing a graphics card, you should definitely consider using antistatic packaging material to pack the graphics card before shipping it.

If packing inside this antistatic material seems like a hustle to you, you can simply go for what’s called an “antistatic bag”. With an antistatic bag, you won’t have to go to lengths to pack separately and simply would have to zip up inside this bag.

Bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Here’s everyone’s favorite part, bubble wrap! We’d suggest you bubble wrap the item in two steps. Firstly, when you are packing the original box inside the secondary box, you must bubble wrap the first box. Secondly, it would be even greater if you could pack this box too and then finally pack it with whatever outer covering you want to use (if it has your brand name, even better for branding and marketing). Bubble wrapping the product prevents damage due to any external impact. Hence bubble wrapping is a must for fragile and sensitive items like a graphics card.

What if there’s no original box?

Okay, everything is set! But wait, what if there’s no original box? Wasn’t that the first step? To make sure that the graphics card is inside the original box only? No worries. Pay attention to why it was important and look for another box that serves the purpose. Look for another box that is just a little bigger than the graphics card itself to make sure when being shipped; the graphics card won’t have much room to move around and potentially get damaged. If you are still worried about the graphics card moving too much, you can always use bubble wrap as a filler and block the card from all sides. Just go easy while doing so; you don’t want to cause harm to the card while trying to prevent it from the same.


Shipping a graphics card is a tedious task. Making sure that it will cause no harm to the graphics card is an even bigger hurdle. But we hope we were able to make it easier for you. We have highlighted all the essential points that you need to consider while shipping a graphics card, and if you follow just this procedure, we assure you that there are going to be no issues whatsoever with shipping a graphics card or any other similar peripheral whatsoever.

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