How to Ship A Motherboard- Ship Motherboard Correctly

How to Ship A Motherboard- Ship Motherboard Correctly

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May 17, 2022
Last modified on June 7th, 2022

Motherboards and graphics cards are undoubtedly the most delicate and the most essential part of a computer. Before shipping a motherboard, you should be very careful about how to ship a motherboard, and we have written this article about safely shipping the Motherboard. 

A very little jerk can harm a motherboard, and we all know how the courier and shipping industry works. You don’t even know how harsh shipping guys can be while transporting your packages from point A to Point B. So shipping a motherboard in just a cardboard box is certainly not enough. 

In this article, I will list three simple ways in which you can ship your Motherboard without worrying about the “Harsh” gesture and environment your delicate little Motherboard will go through.

How to Ship A Motherboard

1. Way First: Original Box + Anti-static bag:

If you have purchased your Motherboard recently, you’ll still have your original box. What’s better than the box it was shipped in originally? 

If you have the original thermocol padding, then it is well, and if not, it’s okay. You can go to your nearest departmental store or a super mall and grab some packing peanuts, and you’ll also need an antistatic bag.

Anti Static Bag for How to Ship A Motherboard

What is an antistatic bag, you may ask? 

So let me tell you. The antistatic bag is a bag that is used to store electronic items. It is recommended because electronics are prone to get ESD, Electrostatic discharge. While shipping a motherboard, you need to ensure that your Motherboard is safe and sound inside out.  

Precisely, Keep the Motherboard in the original box and make sure it will resist the minor to major jerks it may face during transit. 

Feel free to adjust the position of the Motherboard and packing material until you feel confident enough.

Packing Peanuts 

2. Way Second: Recycling the old unused boxes + Antistatic bag

What if you don’t have the Original Motherboard box? You can surely use some other box that is of some relevant size. 

Make sure the box is not too big because, in that sense, you’ll have to use a lot of packing peanuts to fill in for the safety of the Motherboard. 

For recycling, You can use cardboard boxes as well as plastic boxes. It doesn’t matter which box you’re using until you have used the right packing inside. 

Step 1: Find a somewhat relevant box. 

Just make sure the box is not too big for your Motherboard to fit in. Because if you ship the Motherboard with a large-sized box, it’ll not perform well in harsh circumstances. 

Step 2: Use a lot of packing materials

If the shipping box is not made for the Motherboard, you’ll have to make it fit the Motherboard.

Modern Problems need Modern Solutions. 

Buy Some packing peanuts for shipping the Motherboard. Also, get some old newspapers if available. 

Create a layer of packing peanuts and newspaper and safely keep the Motherboard on top of it. Don’t forget to keep your Motherboard in an antistatic bag, or it will be prone to ESD. 

Add one more layer of packing peanuts and newspaper for the final touch. 

It will give some extra cushioning, and you’ll be confident that your Motherboard will be safe. 

Now close the box and add some tape so the box won’t open during the transit. 

3. Way Third: Using an antistatic bubble wrap

The third option is straight-up simple and most practical for all the lazy peeps out there. Please don’t get offended; I’m one of you guys. 

 Practically we should be using an antistatic bag and packing peanuts and whatnot. But let me give you an amazing solution. The Anti Static Bubble Wrap. 

Your Motherboard is an electronic item that can be prone to ESD, and the harsh jerks should protect it from transit. Introducing Anti Static Bubble Wrap. 

Staples has Anti Static Bubble Wraps. You can get it from nearby staples, or you can also order it online. 

Using only the Anti Static Bubble Wrap may not be recommended, Just to make sure everything fits in, use some newspaper padding. Just to make sure everything is in its place. 

Put the Motherboard in the box and tape it. And You’re good to go. I mean ship. 

What if you don’t have an Anti Static Bag?

Well, I don’t recommend something like this, but if you want to go full household stuff, You can use a Plastic bag, Make sure the size is big enough to keep the Motherboard inside, Comfortable. 

Use some newspaper to make sure the Motherboard fits in the box, and use some bubble wrap. 

Again, in such cases, use an Antistatic bubble wrap to make sure the things go as smoothly as you expected. 


In the article, I have stated three ways to ship a motherboard correctly. The recommended way is to get the original motherboard box in which it was already shipped and use an antistatic bubble wrap to ensure the Motherboard is ESD proof. 

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