How to Turn off Dark Mode on Safari

How to Turn off Dark Mode on Safari

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May 25, 2022

Safari is one of the most loved web browsers. The web browser is popular among users for its efficiency and quickness. However, for people who have recently switched to Apple products, the software associated with them can be a little confusing. The reason why working on Safari is a bit confusing for some people is because it is in no way similar to other web browsers that people work on before switching to Macbooks, iPads, or iPhones. Tiny things like turning on or off dark mode on Safari seem like a tedious task to the users. One problem that is experienced by many is turning the dark mode off on Safari. If you are someone who is facing the same issue, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re gonna help you fix this issue, and you will definitely be able to turn off dark mode on Safari on your device without any worries, so just keep reading further.

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What is dark mode

Sometimes we start looking for solutions to our problems without knowing about the problem entirely. The reason why it is very important to first understand the issue completely is to make sure you are looking up the solutions for the correct problem. Are you sure it is the dark mode you want to change and not some other browser setting? Are you sure your understanding of dark mode is what it actually is? Not sure? Never mind; let’s discuss here for the record what dark mode is.

Dark Mode in Safari

As the name suggests, dark mode makes everything on your screen dark. Well, not everything, but most of it. Dark mode makes the background dark and the content, that is, the text on the screen, light. The reason why dark mode is ruling is that people like to shake up things a little bit. A little change could never hurt, and that is what people like to do with their devices, web browsers, and other apps.

Now that we know what dark mode is, we can move on to seeing how to turn it off on Safari.

Turning off dark mode on Safari

There’s a catch here. You can’t independently toggle Safari’s dark mode. For turning Safari’s dark mode, you’ll either have to toggle the whole MacOS dark mode, or you’ll have to install extensions on Safari. Depending on each method that you used to turn the dark mode on, you’ll have to follow the subsequent steps to turn it off.

Using System Preferences

If the whole system’s settings were changed in order to reflect dark mode on Safari, then you’ll have to turn the dark mode off for the system. For doing so, follow these simple steps:

  1. To turn the dark mode off on Safari, firstly, you must check whether your system’s dark mode is on or off. For that, open system preferences and click on General.
  2. In the general tab, you’ll be able to see an Appearances menu, there look for the light mode and select it.
  3. Doing this will turn the dark mode off for Safari along with the whole system.

Using Extensions

So you checked the settings on your device, and apparently, the dark mode is off on the system. Yet Safari is on dark mode? Chances are you have an extension installed that is responsible for the dark mode on Safari. To turn off the dark mode that an extension is responsible for, follow these steps:

  1. For disabling this extension, click on “Safari” on the menu bar and click on Preferences. You can also use the shortcut key, Command +, to open the preferences window for Safari.
  2. In the preferences menu, click on Extensions. Here, you’ll be able to see all the extensions installed on your browser.
  3. Look for the extension that is responsible for dark mode on Safari and turn it off.

Since there are only two ways to turn on dark mode on Safari, one of the above two methods is definitely going to work out for you.

Disadvantages of dark mode

There could be hundreds of reasons why you might want to turn off dark mode on your device’s web browser, but here are some of ours suggesting why you SHOULD turn off dark mode on Safari:


  • If you work in an atmosphere that is very well lit, then buddy, dark mode is not for you. We know you must have heard of how dark mode reduces eye strain, but it is for people who work in surroundings having a dim light. In well-lit areas, the dark mode on your browser would rather increase eye strain leading to poor vision.
  • Individuals having eye disorders like astigmatism or myopia should never work with dark mode on Safari. Having dark mode on in such cases affect the conditions of the eyes in a really worse way.
  • What? Does dark mode promise improved focus? Who even told you that? Dark mode leads to real poor comprehension and lack of focus, so dark mode for concentration is a big no from our end.


If you have decided to turn the dark mode off on Safari, it is probably for the best, looking at the disadvantages the dark mode has. We hope one of the two methods is going to do the job for you without putting in a lot of effort. Making a change from any other web browser to Safari can be a little overwhelming, but we’re going to make sure you don’t feel confused about a thing. We are always ready with solutions to any problems that you might face.

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