How to Unlock Astray Lost Ark

How to Unlock Astray Lost Ark

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July 3, 2022

The game gaining quite popularity these days in the gamers’ community is Lost Ark. The game is popular for its interesting storyline as well as the key elements that have been included in the game. One of these many elements is the eight ships that have been included in the game for the characters to own. While other video games do not offer as many options as Lost Ark, this game very intelligently offers a lot of choices to the players, which makes it one of the most loved games currently. Out of these eight ships, the greatly doted one is the Astray ship. In this article, let’s what’s so special about the Astray ship and how you can unlock Astray in Lost Ark.

Unlocking Ships in Lost Ark

Since Lost Ark offers a wide variety of ships to choose from, game players are always excited to own these ships. Because of the same reason, completing missions in order to unlock these ships gets ten folds more thrilling for the players. As the game proceeds, the ships are unlocked and can be possessed by the characters of the game. But there are certain ships that are not unlocked so easily. One such ship is the great Astray. Before we see how you can unlock Astray in Lost Ark, let’s take a look at its specialities and why is it so popular among the players. You can also check out our other articles on how to get runes and how to get Pheons in Lost Ark.

What is the Astray Ship in Lost Ark?


The Astray ship in Lost Ark has the same purpose as all other regular ships in the game, that is, to travel. The special thing about this vessel is that this is the largest and the fastest ship in the game. This is exactly why this ship is the most popular among players. You must be wondering, is high speed enough for the kind of hype that has been created for this ship? Well, there’s not just that. This ship is also resistant to pretty much all dangers in the game. Now, how cool is that? You must have guessed until now if there’s such a great thing as the Astray ship, it surely must be a tedious task to unlock the ship. Yes, that’s true, but it’s not impossible. We’re gonna guide you on exactly how you can unlock Astray in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock Astray Lost Ark

To unlock the mighty Astray in Lost Ark, you’ll have to collect five items. These special items can be easily collected as you progress in the game and complete certain quests. Let’s look at the items that you’d need one by one:

1. Astray Construction Blueprint

To collect the Astray Construction Blueprint, you’ll have to complete the “She Drifts” and the “Sea Gifts” quests. But the catch is, you’d have to unlock these quests first. Now how to do that? For that, you need item level 415, which can be achieved by ply collecting treasures in a sea event.

2. Astray Operation Manual

Firstly, talk to NPC Mariner Rosa, and then an “exchange” window will show up. Secondly, click Special Sales. Right there, you’ll see a paper called “Pirate Star: Astray”. Pirate Star: Astray is a quest item that will unlock a quest. You’d have to buy this paper for 300,000 pirate coins. Once you complete this quest, you’d get the Astray Operation Manual.

3. Certificate Of Pirates

To achieve the Certificates of Pirates, you’d have to complete the quest “Pest Control”. To track your progress in this quest, you’ll have to click on the Reputation Status d search for “Certificates of Pirates” on Una’s tasks. There you’d find the quest Pest Control. To unlock this quest, you’ll have to ​​go to the Blackfang’s Den and go inside the house to talk to a little girl called Ruri. This girl will give you a quest, “Catch the Rats”. To complete this quest, you’d have to run around the coast and kill some rats. Once you are done with that, talk to the girl again, and you’d have Pest Control unlocked. Go to the menu and accept it.

Now, to complete this unlocked quest, watch for pirates spawning on the island every 10 or 15 minutes and kill them. Doing all of this will get you the Certificates of Pirates.

4. Uncommon Ship Parts Material

If you have 1000 lost ark gold, getting uncommon ship parts material is really easy. Simply go to the market and under sailing, and you’ll be able to see ship materials. We’re gonna need 375 pieces of these materials.

5. Timber

We need 570 pieces of Timber for the Astray ship. To get this timber, you can either chop some by yourself, or you can buy some from the market. To buy it from the market, under Trader, look for the  Logging Loot, and you’d find timber on the right. One hundred pieces need about eight gold, which is not very expensive.


These are the five things that are required to unlock the Astray ship in Lost Ark. Once you achieve these five items, the Astray ship is all yours to ride.

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