La scoota vs Razor – The Differences are Real

La scoota vs Razor – The Differences are Real

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October 4, 2022

Scooters are fun. No one’s going to be disagreeing with that fact. And having your little one show interest in scooters is a thing that has to be considered from all angles. And with the number of choices that today’s market offers, it is difficult to select the very best.

Electric scooters are a much-recommended choice when it comes to buying your child their first scooter. It is built durably, offers a decent pace, is highly safe, has a streamlined design, and comes with new and fun features such as colorful LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. As an added bonus, they are environment-friendly and help teach the child the importance of sustainability, starting young.

But we have looked through all the viable choices, selected the ones that look the most promising, written down the list of pros and cons, and narrowed it down to these last two.


A highly trustworthy brand, Lascoota is the producer of much-loved electric scooters. With sleep designs and high-quality materials, Lascoota vehicles are coveted for a very good reason. 

Made using powerful, lightweight aluminum alloy, this scooter is known for its non-rattle frame. With tires that are made to be shock absorbent, the bike offers a smooth ride. 

The bike contains a front suspension installed that is made to sustain regular use. It also ensures a smooth ride and safe footing.

Rubber grips that have been ergonomically designed are gentle on hands and aid in preventing hand fatigue. In addition, they are cleaner and more enduring than standard foam grips. In terms of performance, the LaScoota offers a remarkably quiet and smooth ride thanks to larger wheels and tighter construction than the Razor A5.


A well-known household name, the Razor scooters have been a fan favorite for quite a long while. Known for their build and absolute power, Razor scooters can be bought without any qualms. 

The handlebars have a handbrake on the left and a twist throttle on the right. The steel cage beneath the deck contains the scooter’s two 12-Volt lead-acid batteries.

The Razor scooter offers a really smooth and pleasant ride. This scooter comes in lieu of vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics, making it hard to miss when ridden down the road. 

The classic Razor scooter offers a plethora of functions while being easy on your money and is THE ultimate scooter design. The spring-less front tire shock system provides sufficient cushion to smother minor ruts and surface cracks. With a highly comfortable height adjustment, the Razor is a bike to look out for. 

Similarities of La scoota vs Razor

La scoota vs Razor

1. Portable

Both the scooters featured in this article, Lascoota, and Razor, can be folded. This helps in their portability factor and saves storage. 

2. Suited to the Same Age Group

The suggested age range is the same for both.

The recommended age range for the Lascoota and Razor is eight years and older.

3. Brakes

For convenience and safety, both use the same braking system.

For safety, the Lascoota and Razor both incorporate a simple-to-use rear fender brake system.

4. Usage

The weather recommendations for the Lascoota and Razor A5 are the same.

In the event of rain or snow, neither scooter is advised.

5. Weight

Both have the same weight-load limit.

The maximum weight load for both the Lascoota and the Razor is 220 lbs.

Differences La scoota vs Razor

1. Tires

The size of each wheel varies.

The Razor features 7.9″ urethane wheels, whereas the Lascoota has 9.05″ front and 8.07″ rear Polyurethane wheels.

2. Weight

Both kick scooters have different weights

The Lascoota is heavier at 11.06lbs, while the Razor is at 8.3lbs.

3. Warranty Period

Each kick scooter provides a unique warranty.

The Razor has a 6-month warranty, whereas the Lascoota has a 90-day warranty.

4. Height

Both bars can be adjusted for handlebar height differently.

The Razor A5 has a handlebar height adjustment range of 31.1″ to 41″ compared to the Lascoota’s 38″ to 42″ range.

5. Color

Both come in a variety of available colors.

Gray or Dark are the two available colors for the Lascoota.

You may get the Razor in black, blue, red, or pink

6. Features

The Lascoota and Micro Mini differ slightly in appearance and functionality.

The Lascoota has PU cast hi-rebound wheels, rubber handle grips, a folding button, a retractable kickstand, and a carry strap. Its frame is made of aluminum and steel.

The Razor A5 sports a retractable kickstand, urethane wheels, soft handle grips, and an aluminum frame.

Larger wheel sizes are available on the Lascoota, which might be more stable than smaller wheel sizes.

With a weight of 11.06 pounds, the Lascoota is a little larger and can be more difficult for smaller kids to control.

Compared to the Lascoota’s 90-day warranty, the Razor’s warranty lasts six months.

With its carry strap feature, Lascoota is more portable than the Razor, which can appeal to older kids.

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