Lost Ark How To Get Tragon Ship

 Lost Ark How To Get Tragon Ship

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July 4, 2022

Lost Ark is a huge Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game of Korean origin. Ultimately, it arrived in Europe and America. From the day, Feb 8, 2022, many European, North American & Oceanian players are emerging to play Lost Ark via. Feb 11, 2022, is scheduled for the game to be released officially in public. However, if you’ve already purchased a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to play this exciting game earlier than the others could. You can also check out our other articles on how to unlock Astray Ship and how to get Pheons in Lost Ark.

What Is Tragon Ship?

Tragon Ship Lost Ark

The Tragon belongs to that kind of ship available in the game Lost Ark that you can quickly obtain on your adventures. As we mentioned, you’ll first have to go to the Eyes of Hypnos in the sea of Given. There will be quests like ‘The Tragon’ & ‘The Predator of the Sea’ for you to play & enjoy, but you need to be done with the UNA’s task, which is ‘Return to the Pit’ daily until you get hold of the level 3 of goodwill reward.

What’s The Process To Obtain A Tragon Ship In Lost Ark?

Read the details, comply with the steps below, and receive Tragon Ship in Lost Ark. Well, you first need to travel to Hypno’s Eyes Island and finalize each & every quest, coloured in purple.

After finalizing every quest, the next thing you should do is unfasten a regular UNA task, that’s ‘Playing by the pirate rules’. In case you don’t get to see a task popping up after you finalize all the quests, then the most you can do is finish the questline, coated in yellow and unclick the UNA regular task.

The task we mentioned will propose an invitation from an Arena Manager Logan to safeguard matches. Therefore, you must agree to receive his proposal to enter those safeguard matches.

After that, you have to get hold of Hypno’s Eyes by tracking down those safeguard matches. It would help if you won the fight in the competitions you entered.

The more safeguard fights you’ll be able to win & finish, the more your goodwill level will increase. You need to carry on with your matches unless you got your goodwill level on 3. If you got that, you’d have the power to unlock the Dragon Ship in Lost Ark as a reward. 

Afterwards, you can become the longest-reigning defence champion in history and get lots of rewards, but it’s only possible after winning those safeguard matches. 

I hope your eyes will catch a reward of Tragon Ship on goodwill level 3. If you’re craving some pictures to get your curiosity levelled up, then ‘Tuglow’ on YouTube will be your image source. 


There are lots of sailing adventures, along with a variety of numerous ships owned by the Lost Ark itself. You’ll find yourself unlocking all the ships as soon as you begin the game. And you’ll discover that there are ships, which can be obtained by just crafting. However, there also is that kind of ship, which can’t be received by preparing but attaching yourself with the quests(suggested by us). So, you’re free to use whichever process you prefer to get the Dragon Ship in Lost Ark.

We’ll, and our guidance ends here. I hope you got your answer to the question of getting a Tragon Ship in Lost Ark. If you’re eager to receive the Tragon Ship as your prize, you’ll have to win the UNA task to fight against a defence match. 

The Tragon Ship owns a base speed of 18, and say this base is quite resistant to Tempted Seas. If you do your best and gain the Tragon Ship as a reward, you might get 36,000 pirate coins and a courage potion for backup. So, that’s all the information you need to get the Tragon Ship in Lost Ark.

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