Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer: Who’s better? Lost Ark Striker or Wardancer

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer: Who’s better? Lost Ark Striker or Wardancer

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June 10, 2022
Last modified on June 17th, 2022

Martial Artist is one of the very unique characters in the multiplayer online game, The Lost Ark. The newly introduced character of Martial Artist has a love-hate relationship with the players. The player community got divided on how to use the character in the game. 

Some players who want to be tanky during the close combat are not a fan of the martial artist while people who love swifty moves during the close combat are liking it.

Martial Artist class is a new introduction and while choosing the character, You might get confused between Striker and Wardancer. But before jumping into Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer, Let’s first see what are the other classes in Lost Ark’s Martial Artists class. 

Lost Ark Martial Artists Class:

  1. Striker
  2. Wardancer
  3. Scrapper
  4. Soulfist

The above are the names of the subclasses or aka, Advance classes in Lost Ark. But here, In this article, We’ll focus on Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer. 

Discussing Striker vs Wardancer, People usually want to know about the gameplay differences. For Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer, We’ll discuss the Pros and Cons of a Striker as well as a Wardancer. 

We have also covered Lost Ark Mage Classes. Check out Bard vs Sorceress 

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer

The major difference between Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer is The meta build of a Deathblow Striker is more bursty than Wardancer. Means the build of a Striker is more focused on building up 4 orbs and spending them all with a massive burst. This results in loss of swiftness. 

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer

While Wardancer 2 is highly viable builds that means it’s all about personal preference in the end. You can either play the swiftness or you can play the sustain. 

Another major difference between Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer is that Wardancer is a better striker with all the top tier buffs. Wardancer, when compared to Striker, has a more reliable and burst build and Wardancer is more quick. 

Lost Ark Wardancer

Players playing with Wardancer need to master the class and have to play a certain playstyle where they can play close combat with a lot of swiftness.

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer In Detailed 

Lost Ark Striker Class

Striker Class is popular for aerial fights and combat. They don’t have any weapons, Their fist is their weapon. 

Because the fist is the only weapon, They’re specialized in close combat. 

Striker's Skill Set
Striker’s Skill Set

Pros and Cons of the Striker Class


Great for PvP

Burst damage is huge

Ariel Moves and lots of combos

No casting ability


Skills and combos takes special time

Close combat player

Weak defense

So, All in all, Striker is good for playing bursty plays with close combat.  

Lost Ark Wardancer

If you compare Lost Ark Wardancer vs Striker, You’ll realize that there are a lot of common similarities. 

Wardancer, just like Striker, is a melee style player that has specialization in close battles and combat. 

Wardancer is very swift and is suitable for PvP mode more than PvE. The downtime between buffs are normal 


High Mobility

Combos available for PvP

Damage burst 


Simple gameplay

Burst time can be a negative point while in end game

Lost Ark Striker vs Wardancer: Which one should you use?

Well, the Answer to this question solely depends on you. What I can say is that your style will determine which is suitable for you.

If you’re not into playing close combat, I think you should use other warrior class characters and not Martial Artists. 

Lost Ark’s Striker and Wardancer both are Melee-style players and both need to be played in close combat and PvP close fights. 

Understanding your playing style will determine which character is suitable for you. 

If you need a massive burst output and you won’t mind being tanky and little less swift in the movement, You can try striker. Striker has a lot of combos and it’ll make the game interesting for you. 

And if you need high damage burst and quick movements, You can opt for Lost Ark’s Wardancer. 

How to Choose Between Striker vs Wardancer for long term?


In my opinion, You should not choose any long term player. Play with both the characters for a significant period of time and understand their gameplay. 

For playing with Lost Ark’s Striker and Wardancer, You need a specific set of skills. These skills can be achieved over time by playing with an individual player subclass for significant periods of time. 

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