PCNOK- What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?

PCNOK- What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma?

Written by Mohit Rajora, In Business, Published On
December 15, 2022

Technology has advanced so many fields and made so many professions much easier. There is no doubt in the fact that technology is indeed a boon. If you are hesitant about accepting this fact then just keep on reading this article and you’ll soon realize the wonders that technology can do. Today we are talking about everything you need to know about PCNOK – Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. Let’s see what is PCNOK, what are some of its missions and who are the members involved in PCNOK.

What is PCNOK?

PCNOK is an acronym for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. PCNOK is an organization and are primary care providers in Oklahoma providing proper attention and care to patients and also helps them to connect with providers who can help them get better soon. The organization’s extremities include 19 healthcare providers in the states of northeast Oklahoma and southwest Kansas. The medical centers operated under PCNOK involve 125 urban and rural healthcare centers that provide medical coverage regarding mental health, vision, dental, nutrition, diagnostics, tests, specialty care, and many other fields. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is clinically integrated network in 77 Oklahoma counties. It is also largest network of primary care providers in Oklahoma.

PCNOK- What is Patient Care Network of Oklahoma

How was PCNOK initiated?

The PCNOK was founded in 2014 with the aid of cooperation by Oklahoma’s Community Health Centers and Community Behavioral Health Organizations. PCNOK is no doubt one of the largest patient care delivery networks in the world today and has been providing healthcare to patients of northeast Oklahoma and southwest Kansas. PCNOK was initiated with the aim of helping people attain better health and wellness. PCNOK follows an overall care model meaning it included all medical services from prenatal care to geriatric care. PCNOK strongly motivates innovations and solutions to improve the health of people and promote the well-being of everyone.

Focus of PCNOK organization is to provide better care and health centers in Oklahoma. PCNOK network also provide care coordination. PCNOK is an organization that make social determinants of health and member of PCNOK are a part of the overall care and are offer best medical care possible.

What is the mission of PCNOK?

The main aim by which Patient Care Network of Oklahoma was established was to promote excellent healthcare facilities and provide the best medical services for patients all over the globe. PCNOK also aims to provide innovative solutions and health care reforms to diseases and help people recover from illnesses quicker and better. PCNOK has been established to make sure the right use of information technology and shared resources can be made to provide medical care to patients. The field of medicine is not about competition and rather about being collaborative and helping each other with the common aim of improving the well-being of all. PCNOK encourages hospitals and medical professionals to collaborate with each other for the betterment of patients and to provide them with excellent quality medical service along with providing training to healthcare specialists and providers.

PCNOK care teams also allows groups purchasing also known as mutual contracting. One of the major benefits of PCNOK is that it comes with health coaches.

Who are the members?

The PCNOK is an open-to-all project and can be joined by any healthcare provider in the state of Oklahoma that aims to provide healthcare to patients and work collaboratively for the same. Medical institutions that have joined PCNOK until now are:

  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc
  • Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center
  • Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.
  • Community Health Centers of Oklahoma
  • Community Health Connection, Inc.
  • Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)
  • East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.
  • Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  • Good Shepherd Community Clinic
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
  • NorthCare
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers
  • PCHC Panhandle Counseling & Health Center Health Clinic
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center
  • South Central Medical and Resource Center
  • Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc
  • Variety Health Care

All these institutions can collaborate with each other for research or training purposes and gain access to resources.

How does PCNOK really work?

You must be wondering, how is all of this technology related. Well, Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is actually a technology-based solution to implement quality services in the medical field. It is through technology only that features like long-distance monitoring of patients could be launched in the medical sector. PCNOK works best for people who require long-term therapy by linking them with their healthcare providers even over a long distance. In no way does PCNOK sacrifice the attention that is given to each patient.

Rather, it has been observed that patients are being even better quality attention since PCNOK was established. Patients have gained more trust in their healthcare providers which led to the development of safe and strong bonds during the treatment period of an individual. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma encourages patients to live a healthy lifestyle, practice the therapy in a better way and helps their family members to supervise and monitor them more conveniently. The best part about PCNOK is that it is really useful for emergency and critical times and the quickness of connectivity helps greatly in situations like that.


In this article, we discussed what PCNOK is, what are their missions, and which medical institutions are a part of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. We also discussed the working of PCNOK and how it has been helping people in Oklahoma find better healthcare services and achieve a healthy state of being.


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