SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless

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November 9, 2022
Last modified on January 11th, 2023

It is very interesting to see the games evolve with the years. The gaming industry 10 years from now is going to be very different from what it is now. Accordingly, the gaming industry today is a lot different than that of 10 years back. As gaming enthusiasts, we need to make sure that we are up to date with our gaming gear. One of the most important gaming gear is headphones.

People tend to forget the importance of a good headset while playing games. It might be unbelievable for you but a good pair of headphones can really turn the tables at the most unexpected moment of the game. Having talked about the great role that headphones play while you are gaming let’s take a look at one of the very amazing gaming headsets that we have brought to your attention today.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the very known brands that produce exceptional gaming headphones – SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless.

 SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019wir Edition Wireless Headphones

The SteelSeries Arctics 3 is a pair of mindblowing headphones that were designed keeping into account the needs of a gamer.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 was initially launched as wired headphones but due to high demand for its wireless headphones edition SteelSeries started manufacturing the wireless edition of these headphones and the users are in love with it. So, what exactly are these headphones famous among users, what are their features and is it really worth investing in these headphones? In this article, we are going to answer all these questions one by one. So, let’s dive in further.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless
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Sound Quality on SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless

The first and foremost factor that is considered when buying a pair of headphones is their sound quality. You’d definitely want to invest in a pair of headphones that have a high sound profile that gives you marvellous audio experiences. Before we talk about the build quality, design, and other characteristics of the headphones, let’s take a look at their sound quality. In the market, you won’t find many gaming headsets that are also appropriate to use when listening to music. The sound is detailed with robust mids and a present low end. The music has a nice, slightly mid-focused sound to it. Moreover, even the connectivity of the device is super quick. It is very easy and convenient to connect the headphones to your device using Bluetooth. 


Appearances are deceptive, which is exactly why while making a purchase we make sure the device looks sleek and stylish. With electronic accessories and especially gaming headsets, people are really obsessed with the looks of the products. They need their headset to not only function without any c11omplications but also look absolutely cool and n11ice. The style of this headset is quite similar to that of the same headset in the wired edition. Although a lot of gamers prefer all their gaming gear to have RGB lights to create the “gaming vibes” around them, there are also some gamers who rather like to be subtle and sober about their gaming gear. If you belong to that other group then SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 is the perfect headset for you because it has no RGB lights. The earpiece is made of plastic which is kind of a shortcoming since plastic doesn’t really contribute that well to the sleek look of a product. To be honest, the design of these headphones is quite simple and would be perfect for people who love to go simple and sober with everything. 


Here comes the reason why people love SteelSeries headphones so much. Almost all the headsets produced by SteelSeries have an amazing level of comfort. The padding on the cups of the headset is quite soft which makes it very comfortable to wear these headphones even for long hours. The best part of the ear cups is they are of quite a large size and hence are suitable for even people with large-sized ears. One thing is sure while building these headphones a lot of attention was paid to the weight distribution of these headphones and it’s absolutely perfect. Even the ski band is quite extendable which just adds more to the comfort level that these headphones provide to the users. 

Controls of SteelSeries Arctis 3 2019 Edition Wireless

We all hate controls that are confusing and hard to use. With a control set, that is easy to use you’ll love the SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones even more. The power/pairing button is used to lay/pause music and attend calls. You can double-tack to skip the tracks if you’re listening to music. What about volume? The good news is there’s a volume wheel embedded in the headset on the left cup. Along with the volume wheel, one separate dedicated button for muting/unmuting the microphone is also given. However, when you use these headphones in wired mode, only the volume wheel is going to function the regular way. All the other buttons will function when you use the headphones in wireless mode. 


It is a known fact that gaming headsets are not really portable because of their complex design and 

strong build. Likewise, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 headphones do not fold into a compact and more portable version. However, you can swivel the ear cups to lay them flat inside a bag and carry the headphones easily.

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