Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard Review

Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard Review

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September 1, 2022

The SWAGWAY is a self-balancing transporter that uses gyroscopic technology to revolutionize the manner you travel. Steering and stopping are managed through Dynamic Equilibrium, all based on transferring your body weight.

If you’re attempting to find one of the best hoverboards in the marketplace, you have come to the right place. The Swagway X1 hands-free smart board is one of the best purchasing hoverboards.

For starters, it has a top pace that is most effective and rivalled through a handful of different self-balancing scooters available at 10 miles. That makes this an excellent preference for speed addicts. When your kids ask for a hoverboard, you ought to figure out if your youngsters are responsible and skilled sufficient with SWAGWAY to address the better speeds.


Let us now jump to some cool features of the Swagway x1 hands-free smart hoverboard.

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Features of SWAGWAY X1 hands-free smart hoverboard

  • It is robust in its build, which makes it robust enough to hold a heavy individual.
  • Its foot pads are stress sensitive.
  • The twin movement motors offer excellent stability to the shape of the scooter.
  • It is self-balancing and so calls for little or no effort from the person using it.
  • The alloy wheels not only add to the allure of the automobile but additionally make the wheels durable.
  • The gyroscopes and the placement sensors work in tandem, giving the appropriate incline to the scooter every time there is a weight shift.
  • Its well-known strength supply of 100-240v makes it capable of operating worldwide.

Specifications Of Swagway X1 hands-free smart hoverboard

  • It weighs 26.5 pounds. This makes it viable to carry the scooter around.
  • It is up and equipped for driving after an hour of charging.
  • The voltage capability is 100-240v and works on all electrical systems.
  • It works on a standard frequency of 50-60Hz.
  • A complex collection of sensors and gyroscopes allows it to make clean turns.
  • The wheel thickness is 6.5 inches, which offers a clean elevate over uneven surfaces.
  • It is designed for most 222lbs/100kgs only. Do not exceed this weight restriction, as it can bring extended wear and tear to the scooter.
  • The LED display is an entirely beneficial indicator of battery life, telling you when to place it on charge.
  • There are 350 watts motors, every independently controlled.
  • A single horizontal axle constructed will increase the sturdiness of the structure.
  • The Samsung Lithium-ion battery with a power range of 201-350 W could be very dependable for long distances.
  • The Battery’s ability is around 4.4A in perfect condition.
  • It has a velocity of 8mph and might navigate up to 10miles.
  • The wear and tear resistant – ABS +PC plastic has been used withinside the fabrication of its outer cover.

Pros and Cons



The Swagway X1 comes with a 1-year preferred guarantee. If it proves to be faulty in any way within 1 year of buying, you may get a restoration or replacement. It does not cover unintentional damage resulting from improper use, terrible maintenance, injuries or road hazards. You can, however, buy an extra 1-year guarantee to cover this in case you want an additional layer of safety on your hoverboard. There is little not to love about this product. Swagway without a doubt seems to have pulled out all of the stops to create the best scooter However, there’s one little hassle. The Swagway is the handiest available to US clients at the moment. They do not yet deliver internationally.
It’s affordable! Most humans don’t want to pay $1200+ for a scooter, and in case you’re shopping for more than one, you may get 3 Swagway’s for the price of a massive brand name model. There are more than a few colours; however, not all are available all of the time. Some colours get sold out faster than others so you must wait and keep checking for inventory if there’s a particular colour which you want.
The safety capabilities, including UL certification for the battery and charger, are a vital function for self-balancing scooters that incorporate lithium batteries. The Swagway additionally includes a high-quality branded battery instead of a cheap one. Although we appreciate the 30-day limited return policy, there is a restocking fee. And for apparent reasons, you need to deliver it again at your personal expense.
It’s quite heavy (28lbs), which for the most part is a superb component, mainly for younger customers, making it more secure to ride and robust and durable. Of course, that still is terrible when you have to carry it for any distance; however, that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle if you buy a carry bag.


Why is this a better buy than other brands?

One of the best things is the amazing price. Maybe you’ve found that you may get a unique brand of smart hands-free board for $200 elsewhere. But sometimes, you get exactly what you pay for. The most inexpensive hoverboard/self-balancing scooters you can discover are about $200.

But in case you overview what you are getting while you pay $200, you discover yourself with a scooter that has 30% much less speed, 25% less battery capacity, and a 30-day warranty. I think spending a bit more offers you something that’s 2x better.

Is there an age recommendation?

Swagway doesn’t provide any age recommendations as such. The standard recommendation I’ve seen for those scooters is that they are for over 14s. However, I assume if your child is reasonably tall, they might possibly use one from around the age of 10. You need to decide for yourself whether or not you think they will be capable of dealing with it, and these items are pretty heavy.

There is possibly no upper age so long as you are incredibly robust and fit. Moreover, many older human beings use them as personal transportation gadgets to assist them in getting around longer distances. Other than that, humans of every age must be capable of enjoying those scooters.


All in all, Swagway X1 is a great investment to make. I could endorse this self-balancing scooter for everybody besides folks that can not balance properly. Also, it isn’t for you if you weigh over 250 pounds.

You can use it to go everywhere. It simply is that convenient. Keep it charged. However, do not charge it for more than hours as that may harm the battery. Therefore, do not hesitate and purchase it now.

If you have any queries, please feel free to write in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more exciting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.


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